About Die Carts

Our Die Carts are side loader type with die loading rollers fixed on top of die cart. The height of the die platform is easily adjustable according to the height of press Tables of the presses at which the Die cart is to be used. Die carts loads the Die into Die press with push-pull system.

Our Die carts are controlled/operated from four sides of its edges included with emergency stop and indicators.

Models in Die Carts on Rails:

Single platform Die Carts on Rails

Models in Die Carts on Rails:

Double platform Die Carts on Rails:

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Die changeover in minutes, with highly repeatable positioning of dies which eliminates trial and error repositioning.
Increases available production time for presses.
Sensor-Controlled safety mechanisms for movements of transfer system and cart.
Quick die change allows inventories to be minimized and enables efficient batch run capability.
Eliminates the need for cranes to move the dies in and out of presses.
Reduces the potential for damage to dies and presses.
Improved part quality assurance due to reduced die damage and provides the ability to quickly pull and inspect dies.
Proven technology, heavy-duty design and construction result in high reliability andmaintainability.
Improved ergonomics and safety factors.


Die Cart Dimensions: As per Customer Requirement.
Die cart load capacity: Up to 50 tons.
Cart Travel Speed:maximum allowable when cart is loaded with Die.
Operation: full automated with four-sided control panel.
Moving system: Rail Track based.
Power: Electric


Remote control operation (wireless controller).
Rider platform.
Integrated safety gates.
Double speed operation of Die Cart (when Die cart is with no load).
Elevating carts.
Push-Pull System can be fixed to Die Cart or Press.