About Die Clamps

Die Clamps:

Quick Die Change Systems use high quality Die Clamps for very secure clamping, quick die changing and safer operations. As these Die Clamps do not require a U-cut on the die shoe, the clamps can be used in a wide range of applications. Our comprehensive range of clamps will offer the best solution for your application.

Standardization is the key to efficient clamping, especially when automation is desired, For all dies in use, the following parameters should be the same.

Dimensions of die plates
Clamping stroke
Clamping positions

Even though our clamps will allow you to handle non-standard situations most efficiently, you should still try to standardize as much as possible.


Quick and easy die changing.
Very high clamping pressure
High opening and closing speeds.
Easy insertion and removal.
Safer Operations.
Increased Productivity.


T-Type Clamps:

This is image 1

This is image 2


Through hole thread
Variable clamping edges
Unlimited clamping stroke

Box clamps:

Block type clamp

Die clamps